March 2015 Missionaries

Mark & Serena Dunbar
World Gospel Mission, Mexico
•    Mark and Serena are from Oregon and have served as missionaries for 23 years in Honduras before recently being called to serve in Mexico.
•    Mark specializes in director/administrator/field treasurer duties.
•    Serena’s gifts are in teaching, writing Sunday School materials, administration, counseling, and mentoring.
•    Prayer request:  God will bless the ministry in Mexico and in turn many will come to know Jesus.
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Kenneth & Delight Hopson
World Gospel Mission, Uganda
•    Kenneth and Delight are Venard College graduates
•    Kenneth is a printer for The Print Shop which creates the literature and reading material for Christian ministries in Uganda such as discipleship and Bible Study materials as well as helping remote tribes learn how to read their own language.
•    Delight works students at the Heritage International School Library and support ministries.
•    Prayer requests:  Continuing to reach out to individuals through printing literature for a variety of organizations in Uganda and neighboring countries.
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February 2015 Missionaries

Daniel & Naomi Elliott
Evangelical Church Missions, Bolivia
Daniel and Naomi first ventured to Bolivia in Spring of 2011 to help fulfill a requirement for a cross cultural emphasis for Daniel’s elementary education major.  It was after this time that they prayerfully began the process of applying to be missionaries with Evangelical Church Missions.  In October 2013, they were officially accepted and appointed to Bolivia.
Once in Bolivia, Daniel and Naomi will be working with a group of orphans living in a remote area of the Andean highlands.  Although the children living there have a place to stay, their home life can be dangerous and basic needs are not always met due to extreme poverty.  The Elliotts are hoping to raise need prayer and financial support to get them to the field so they can begin the ministry God has called them to.  They are about 40% funded, but still need the equivalent of about 190 shares of $25/mo to get them there.
In the meantime, God has blessed their family with a new baby girl.  Maerah Jade was born on October 1, 2014 and joins her big brother Sammy, who is two years old.  Deputation traveling just got a little more interesting 
The Elliotts would ask that you pray that God will protect the dear orphans in Bolivia and draw them closer to himself.  Pray also that the balance of their needed financial support will come in so that they can go and minister to these little ones in need.


Aaron & Diane Lincoln
Christian Missionary Fellowship Rugby, England
Aaron & Diane Lincoln have been serving the Lord in England since 1993, helping to plant two churches, and to establish another site for a third growing church. They long for the gospel to reach people through missional communities and a growing partnership with a local church. 
One area of outreach they work in is the Street Pastors ministry. Teams of Christians are out every Friday and Saturday nights on the streets of town to lend a listening ear, help people who need it, and share Christ. Pray for those who are serving and thank God that a new Coordinator has come on board to lead this vital ministry. Pray for the Messy Church event that their local congregation hosts each month. New families from the neighborhood are attending with their children. Pray that relationships will flourish from these outreach events. 
The Lincolns have been visiting partner churches and individuals in the USA since late September and they return to England at the end of March. Pray that God will connect them with those who can partner with them to continue to make disciples and share the gospel in the UK.

January 2015 Missionaries

Aaron & Cristiana Brakefield
Evangelical Church Missions – Brazil
Aaron continues to pastor at the Vida em Cristo Church and also serves as Field Director.  Aaron also helps with administration and activities at the English school Life English Center.  Cris cares for their three boys Nicolas (9), Jonas (6) and Marcos (2) as well as working with Dave Warren in the favelas four times weekly to teach English.
Pray for the Brakefields and the Vida em Cristo Church as they are working to start a food shelf ministry at the Church.  They plan to distribute the food as a weekly event and use that opportunity to build relationships with the visitors.  Pray that they will be able to make improvements to the property to make it more secure and to prevent break-ins that would put the donations and available food at risk.  
They are getting ready to reach out more intentionally with English by leading a weekly English activity time and a weekly Bible study at the Life English Center.  They also plan to hold an all-English church service at Vida em Cristo on a monthly basis.  Pray for wise choices and discernment as they undertake these activities so that they can be fruitful in their efforts and opportunities.


Mark & Annie Duhrkoop
Return Ministries 
Mark continues to serve in the ministry of Return, working with families through mediation and conflict resolution.  He also partners with Genesis Ministries, which gives him the opportunity to help families with issues and relationships connected with aging and that season of life.
Mark is keeping busy doing presentations and training in the areas of aging, conflict resolution and forgiveness.  He has been having opportunities to share about this growing ministry and building bridges with churches as well as local and state agencies.  Pray that Mark will continue to have more opportunities to share and make connections and that God would open doors where Mark’s expertise and ministry is needed.  Pray that he could be a welcome help in working with those who need assistance in restoring relationships and navigating these issues.
Financial support through grants have been a welcome source to support their ministry, but pray that God will multiply opportunities to share about their ministry and grow their monthly support to meet their needs.  
Pray for Annie as she continues to heal from a recent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from her tongue.  Pray that the Lord will bring complete healing to her body.  Pray that God will continue to bless so that the medical expenses are met, especially after extra time off of work for healing.  Pray for Reid as he prepares for a missions trip back to Honduras in Spring 2015 as well as for Onalee, who continues studies at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington.  

Update on the Guerrero Family

JJ and Randi Guerrero
Evangelical Church Missions, Bolivia
March 2015 Update:
We wanted to get you up to date on what is going on at City of Refuge.  College started back up in February, so we did too, after a Christmas break.  
We now have 25 ESL students and 5 teachers.  We have started our 2nd cell group.  We are home to two different church groups that use our facilities in the evenings for leadership training.  We have a youth group that holds "how to survive college" courses here weekly.  Our Friday night events are becoming more and more known, and we are regularly full.  We have had a dozen youth who have wanted to know more about us or about God.  So I believe we are on our way and doing what God has put on our hearts.  
We still need people to participate in our "10 groups" campaign.  If you want more info, get in touch with us.   
Thanks for being part of this adventure, 
The Guerrero's



December Missionaries

Bob & Lisa Margaron
World Gospel Mission, Stockton, California
Bob & Lisa Margaron run and operate The Center/Peniel Missions, Inc. in Stockton, California.  They work with kids at The Center and introduce them to Jesus Christ, giving them the information they need so they can make a choice to be different…laying a foundation of love, God’s Word, and tough boundaries.  They do this through Bible Club, recreation, crafts, snacks, Homework Club, camp and other programs.  While Lisa’s focus is on the day to day operation of The Center, Bob has been able to develop new outreach programs.
Bob is also in the position of being both a Stockton Police Chaplain and a Stockton Police School Resource Chaplain.  This allows Bob to work with the Stockton Police Officers and the students, staff and administration in the public schools in Stockton.  As a Police Chaplain, Bob does 10 hour ride-alongs, ready to serve each and every one of the needs they see both with the public and the fellow officers.  As a Stockton Police School Resource Chaplain, Bob has many other responsibilities.  Working with students, their families, staff and administration of the schools can be quite a challenge depending on what their needs are as well as facilitating school assemblies where kids hear a message of hope.
Pray for safety, given the challenging environment they serve in as well as Bob’s work with the force.  Pray also for Bob and their daughter Sarah as they have had some serious medical issues over the past year and ask for prayers for healing.  Finally, pray for the families that the Margarons work with at The Center, some of whom are second and even third generation kids of families that they have worked with over the years.  


Pamela Duhrkoop
One Mission Society - Hope 61 in South Korea
Pamela Duhrkoop will be working with Hope61 in South Korea, a ministry of OMS that brings hope and light to those who are trapped in human sex trafficking.  She is pleased to report that she is about 76% funded, but still needs about $800 per month in support.  
When Pamela arrives in South Korea, in addition to working with Hope61 ministry, she will also be able to teach English as a second language and do some preaching in the English services at an Evangelical Holiness Church in Seoul.  
In the meantime, Pamela continues to visit churches here in the States to raise awareness of the ministry and raise prayer and financial support.  She will be visiting some churches over the next couple of weeks before traveling to OMS’ headquarters in Greenwood, IN.  Once in Greenwood, Pamela will be leading Hope61 training January 21-23 followed by pre-field training January 26—February 13.
Pray for safety in traveling as Pamela travels to different churches in January before traveling to Indiana as well as additional opportunities to share with more churches/groups to raise awareness and support of her ministry.  Pray also for the training that will be happening in Greenwood from mid-January through mid-February.  Finally, pray that the final 24% of needed support will come in late January/early February as Pamela hopes to move to South Korea in March 2015.  

November Missionaries


Rick and Lisa Kellum
CRU, Bridges - Seattle WA, USA
After serving in France for many years, the Kellums now live in the Seattle area to be closer to family.  They're ministering to International students and scholars through CRU's ministry called Bridges.
They are blessed to have four great kids: Nathan (21), Gabe (19), Nicolas (15) and Mallory (13). They lead small groups and have had conversations of death, darkness and gloom and how Jesus can break through.  They've discussed many good spiritual questions and ask for prayer to have the dialogue continue so they can go further with each person attending.
Rick is also sharing about Cultural Adjustment and how to navigate it the best way possible. Please pray for practical help for them and for opportunities to be able to be able to transition into spiritual conversations as well.  


Brad and Kristy Weinert
World Gospel Mission, Argentina 
The Weinerts also work with students and the school year is winding down for summer break.  Kristy has a student residence ministry with ten students.  Kristy has opportunity to listen, counsel, and hold Bible studies with the group.
Brad is heavily involved in administration of both financial and legal matters as well as property maintenance.
Please pray for their health.  Pray also that they will be able to finish the year well and get everything that needs to be done in a way that glorifies God.  Pray also for God's clear direction in some decisions that need to be made for the next school year.  Finally, remember in prayer their yearly legal meeting for Argentine government's approval coming in November 2014.  

October Missionaries

Brian & Paula Kushman
World Gospel Mission - Hispanic Ministries, USA

The Kushmans served as youth directors at Ligonier Evangelical Church in Indiana where they sensed a call to missions while in college and joined World Gospel Mission in September of 1997. They served two terms in Cochabamba, Bolivia, where we taught Bible and Theology at the seminary there.  During this time, Honduran pastors were immigrating to the United States and planting churches here in the U.S. They then asked if the mission would partner with them and requested a missionary to work with. So WGM invited the Kushmans to return to the U.S. and teach to prepare church leaders here in the U.S., and Hispanic Ministries USA was born in 2006.

Brian and Paula minister to churches in: Chicago, Boston, Atlantic City, Columbus, OH., Atlanta, La Grange and Columbus, GA., Louisville, KY. and in Virginia and there are outreaches in: Madison, WI., Indianapolis, IN.  Currently, Brian and Paula are involved in the education of the Hispanic church leaders to minister to these Hispanics.  At first, the teaching was done through a lot of traveling.  Now, students at multiple locations sign into a program called “Open Meeting” where students see and hear Power Point presentations.  Now Brian and Paula are starting a new series of classes with new students.

Prayer requests:·         
That God would call people into ministry.
For the Kushman Family.

For their son Wes in the military (just finished boot camp and heading to combat training before MP training). 
For Madison as she finishes High school and goes to Indiana Wesleyan University for nursing next year.


Steve & SueAnn Lloyd
Wesley International, France

Steve & SueAnn have been working in the Narbonne area of southern France since 1999 with Wesley International. The Narbonne church is a bilingual French church with services in French with English translation.  Steven serves as pastor of the church, and SueAnn plays the keyboard and prepares Sunday School. Together, they lead 2 Bible studies (one in French and one in English).

A few years ago Steven and SueAnn spent about a month teaching people in the church how to study the Bible for themselves. Now, Steven and SueAnn offer these people a Bible passage or a topic each week and they do their own study. When they get together, they collectively discuss what they have discovered in their personal study during the week.  Steven and SueAnn see God working in the lives of several people in the church. God has also given the Lloyds a ministry to people who come to the church for anywhere from a few weeks to a few years, to help prepare them for where God wants to send them next.

Prayer Requests:
Pray for God to help the Lloyds develop leaders in the church.
Pray that Christians in the Church will commit to membership and the importance of giving of themselves to help the church grow.
Pray that the Lord will continue to provide for their financial needs through giving to Wesley International, the partial salary from the church, and the rental of our guest house.
Pray for God to use Steve and SueAnn, and the people in the church, to be effective witnesses to the people around them.

September Missionary

Gordon and Niki Elliott
Evangelical Church Missions, Liberia

Gordon and Niki Elliott have been with Evangelical Church Missions since 1984. They have been serving in Bolivia since 1986, but in recent years, the Elliotts felt the Lord moving them in a different direction. They went on a trip to Liberia and felt confirmation that Liberia was where the Lord wanted them.
The Elliotts will be moving to Liberia with their son Mark, their youngest of four children. They will be training pastors and working in the Children's Home.
Pray for the transition to a new home and new field of service.  Pray that God will continue to open doors and equip the Elliotts for service where He has called and directed them.  Since the Elliotts will be located in Monrovia where the Ebola outbreak is severe, pray that they will be kept safe from the deadly virus.  

August Missionaries

Aaron and Diane Lincoln
CMF (Christian Missionary Fellowship) - Church Planters in Rugby, England

Aaron & Diane Lincoln have been serving the Lord in England since 1993, helping to plant two churches, and to establish another site for a third growing church. They long for the gospel to reach people through missional communities and a growing partnership with a local church. 

One area of outreach they work in is the Street Pastors ministry.  Teams of Christians are out every Friday and Saturday nights on the streets of town to lend a listening ear, help people who need it, and share Christ.  Pray for those who are serving and for a new Coordinator to continue this vital ministry.  Pray also for the Park Outreach where they have opportunity to host family events and build relationships for a positive impact toward sharing the Good News of Jesus. The Lincolns are planning to visit the US from late September 2014 to March 2015.  Pray that God will connect them with those who can lend support as they visit churches and share news of their ministry.


Brandon Kuba
World Gospel Mission - Japan

During these Summer months, Brandon has primarily been visiting churches in the Midwest speaking at camps and churches about his call to serve in Japan.  Pray that his prayer and financial support will continue to increase as he does so.  Pray also for safety in his travel and for God’s wisdom and direction.

When Brandon arrives on the field in Japan (later this Fall) his ministry will be geared toward university students in the Tokyo area – a city of more than 30 million people, so there will be no shortage of opportunity.    Pray that God will direct his steps as he works to develop Bible studies with students in addition to working with local churches in the area.  Pray for the fruit of a new generation of leadership as Brandon mentors and works among them and that this new leadership will energize the existing churches and grow new communities of faith.  

July Missionaries

Join us in prayer and support of this month's missionaries

Mike and Sharon Garrett
World Gospel Mission - Choluteca, Honduras

Mike and Sharon Garrett are both from Ohio and currently serve at the Choluteca Vocational School instructors in cosmetology and auto body repair, community health education, work team coordinators, and gardening/agriculture instruction.

The Garretts previously served with WGM in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, with Wings of Peace aviation ministry from 1994-1995.  They have been blessed to experience God's faithfulness in their 36 years of marriage.  They have seen God heal Sharon and their oldest daughter, Heather, from cancer, and they continue to seek and serve Him with WGM in Choluteca, Honduras.

Pray for the Garretts as they serve at the Choluteca Vocational School.  Pray also for the Hondurans with which they have the opportunity to minister to.  Pray that God will make their efforts effective and will bring many people to Him through the work in Choluteca.

Find out more about the school here.

View photos of the school here.


Gary and Laura Griffin
World Gospel Mission - Olancho, Honduras

Laura was 27 when she accepted Christ and Gary was 41 when he accepted Christ.  By the time Gary became a believer, they had been married almost 22 years and had no children.  They became very involved in their church in Ohio teaching and discipling new believers.  A few years later, they felt God calling them to do something different.  They prayed and waited for God to show them the next step.  While attending a family camp in the summer of 2004, God called them to full-time Christian ministry, but they did not know where that would be.

They enrolled at Venard College in 2005, and while there God made it very clear that He wanted them to follow Him to Honduras.  He opened the door for them to partner with WGM and minister to the young men and farm workers at Escuela El Sembrador (School of the Sower).  Gary taught auto mechanics and worked around the farm and Laura taught English as a second language.  They have enjoyed using their home as a ministry tool as students would come to their home to study or just to hang out, giving them a break from their dorm life.  Students began to "open up" and share about their lives and their relationship (or lack thereof) with Jesus.  God created opportunities for Gary and Laura to share the gospel message, through both the spoken work and the action of love.  By leading Gary and Laura to El Sembrador, He met a huge desire and need in their lives: They were engages with kids, family, and community!

Pray for Gary and Laura as they minister at El Sembrador and share their hearts and lives with those the Lord brings their way.

Find out more about the school here and here.

June Missionaries

Join us in prayer and support of this month's missionaries.

Hubert and Sarah Harriman
President, WGM

Pray for the Harrimans as they give leadership and support to the many missionaries that serve under the banner of World Gospel Mission.  Pray that the Lord would give wisdom and encouragement for daily decisions and direction.

Find out more about WGM here.








Dave and Carol Kochendorfer
Evangelical Church Missions, SW USA

Pray for safety as Dave and Carol travel over the next few weeks attending Conferences, visiting churches and spending time with family.  Pray that God will bring in needed funding and support as they visit with various church families and that their time of travel would bring encouragement and refreshment. 

Find out more about them here.