September 2016 Missionaries

Brian & Paula Kushman
WGM - Hispanic Ministries USA


Brian is continuing to teach theology and leadership classes. They had a graduating class this past summer, and are looking forward to a new group of students starting a new curriculum. It is wonderful to see new students and graduates getting exciting about ministry and being involved in their local churches and outreach programs.

How you can be praying:
-          Pray for the training of leaders that will further the growth of the Hispanic Church.
-          Pray for their family, that God would provide for all of their needs.
-          Pray for their pledge support.  There have been several people who had pledged to support them financially and are now unable to fulfill their pledges.  Pray that new support will be raised to meet their needs.




Brad & Kristy Weinert
WGM - Argentina

The Weinerts have been serving with WGM in Argentina since 1987, and are currently living in Cordoba.  Kristy is a full time live-in discipleship leader to ten female students.  Brad handles small maintenance projects for the residence.  He is also the field treasurer and the field’s legal representation, which requires him to be in Salta once a month (a 12 hour bus ride away from Cordoba).

How you can be praying:
-          Economic unrest.  Their gas bill for the past couple of months has been 400% higher than normal and is being handled now through the court system to see if they have to pay such a high rate.
-          Brad is recuperating from a corrective medical procedure.  No complications have arose, but the need to travel to Salta this month might be difficult.
-          Daniel Lujan, a friend of the Weinerts’.  Pray that he will get truly established spiritually, which will help in all aspects of his life.
-          Daniella, a gal who’s identification was stolen and used in some criminal activity.  She is waiting on her identification card to be returned to her.  
-          The Weinerts are looking for someone to take over the administrative part of the residency when they leave at the end of December.  Pray for peace for those who will miss them.