August 2016 Missionaries

Gary & Laura Griffin
WGM - Honduras

Gary & Laura have been serving at the school El Sembrador since 2014.  Gary has been the mechanic working on heavy equipment and teaches a general shop/mechanics class.  Laura works with the ladies group on campus making earrings to sell and learning basic accounting based on Biblical principles so those interested can start up their own businesses.  In addition to hosting work teams, they host guide a family group of ten 7th grade boys who meet weekly in their home to watch a movie, play games and have a snack.  Through this family group, they can learn where the kids are with Jesus, how they are doing in their school work, and what kinds of things they are struggling with so they can support them.

In December of 2016, the Griffins will return to the US for Homeland Ministry.  On their next return to Honduras, rather than working at Escuela El Sembrador, they will live in community with families to build relationships that will allow them to share the love of Jesus through actions.  They will work with local pastors to help strengthen families and share Jesus through mentoring and friendships.  Pray for this transition, that they will be a blessing where they visit and that God will move the hearts of his people to lend support.  Pray that a needed car will be available during the time in the US.  Finally, pray for them as they have three months to say goodbye to friends and loved ones in Honduras.  


Mike & Sharon Garrett
WGM - MMS Aviation

MMS Aviation is headquartered in Ohio, and their primary goal is to provide missionaries with an affordable, safe, and quality service and to train people to maintain and operate their aircraft so they can share Christ with a world in need.  Mike is actively involved in the hangar at MMS Monday through Friday.  Sharon is the care taker of the Stalter House for MMS.  This is a property that was donated to MMS that is used as a guest house for people who come to MMS for an extended visit.  Sharon works to send out the monthly newsletters as well as helping an MS family, caring for their three small children once a week.

Mike and Sharon alternate weekends with Mike's siblings caring for his mother who suffers with Alzheimer's, heart disease, diabetes and is on dialysis three days a week.  They are working to remodel a house they purchased a year ago and are actively involved in their church.  Keep these dear servants in your prayers as they serve with God's strength and as He leads.