March 2016 Missionaries

Terry & Lori Blaisdell
The Blaisdells are ready to start on a new adventure after walking a five year journey to get to this point.  Your prayers are timely and needed for this dear family.  They have just received word that they have opportunity to go to Nairobi, Kenya for the next year on a short term assignment.  They will be working with Aim Air and Terry will be doing avionics on their small aircraft.  He has been out of the field for 8 years now and needs to get back at it to sharpen his skills.  After the year overseas, they will come back to the US for some training and then raise support so they can head back to Nairobi as full time staff.  
Lori’s goal is to get a teaching job at West Nairobi Christian school where their youngest daughter will be attending.  There are teaching positions available that Lori will be applying for soon.  Pray that she can pass a teaching test on April 1 and have time to study as she is teaching part time in Kindergarten music and PE and as an overflow teacher in Lake Stevens, WA.  Terry has been working as a wiring tech for a process controls company near Everett, WA.  
One of their sons lives with them and is attending Seattle Bible College in Everett, WA.  Their three oldest children are living in MN working or attending University of MN.  Please pray for provision, protection and communication.
Pray also for healing for Terry and their youngest daughter Chloe as they have had health problems and reactions to immunizations for the trip.  


Michael Banks
World Gospel Mission - Member Health
Michael Banks is a missionary working under the umbrella of Member Health for WGM.  This is a department focused on the spiritual and emotional health of the mission body.  They have pastors to missionaries and retirees, as well as a counselor on staff.  Michael’s role is that of pastor to WGM missionary kids.  They provide re-entry seminars called Renewal when the missionary families return to the states and also pre-field orientation.  He does field visits throughout the year to check in on the families.  Michael also visits MK college-age students each year and sends them Christmas care packages.  In the Summer, he hosts a retreat for any of the Jr. High and High School MKs in the States.
Currently, he’s preparing for upcoming travels and events, planning for speaking and logistics.  He is also accumulating a supply of graduate announcement and gifts for WGM current high school, college and graduate students.  
Pray for continued wisdom and discernment as Michael works with the MKs and their families. Upcoming Trips include April 4-8 MKCC Conference in Kansas for MK Caregivers; April/May grad gifts are sent; May 9-23 Albania field visit alongside Asbury university students; June 13-17 Wesleyan district youth camp; June 26-July 2 Mt. Hope Bible camp