November 2016 Missionaries

Aaron & Cris Brakefield
Evangelical Church Missions, Brazil
Aaron and Cris serve with Evangelical Church Missions in Brazil, and they have three children, Nicolas, Jonas and Marcos.  There are some big changes coming in their ministry as their co-missionaries David & Isabel Warren are leaving the field and returning to the US in early December.  Also, their friend and co-worker Menezes has recently undergone brain surgery, and though he is recovering well, his speech is blurred as a side effect of the surgery.  This will affect his ability to help with teaching English.  Pray for energy and encouragement as the work continues with a smaller staff (and the goodbyes to be made).
The Brakefields were grateful to host a work team from Montana in August, and the visit of these four adults and ten teens were a source of joy and new friendships with the people in Cubatao.  Unfortunately, days after the work team left, there was another break-in at the Church and the joy was quickly deflated.  This is the third break in at the Vida em Cristo church in three months’ time.  Not only do these break-ins cost money to repair after, as well as the loss of valuables and food, it is discouraging for the Church body.  Pray for protection and for the break-ins to stop.
At their Annual Soup Night at the Church, they were able to host a great concert.  For the past several months, they’ve opened up the church to a Christian band that no longer had a place to practice.  Grateful for the church’s generosity, the band performed a concert at the Soup Night and Aaron gave a short but clear message of God’s love and offer for salvation.  About 100 people were in attendance, many of them visitors and not Christians.  Pray for these seeds to grow.  


Mark & Annie Duhrkoop
Return Ministries

Return Ministries is a non-profit ministry and their mission is to bring families back into relationship through counseling, mediation and training to help them regain the relationships God intends for them.  The ministry is supported by individual donations and grants.  Grants are a good portion of the ministry.  Mark has a grant under review at this time, so please pray for that to be approved and for God to provide the funding.  

Mark works with several families through mediation and counseling.  Please pray that God will help him be an instrument for peace for the many families he works with.

Monthly support is lacking to cover the ministry’s budget needs.  Please pray that God will bring people forward to give support.