December 2016 Missionaries

Mark & Serena Dunbar
World Gospel Mission, Mexico
Mark and Serena are involved in several areas of ministry in Mexico. God miraculously provided a guest house for the mission in Saltillo, and they use it to host various events for families within the church body and in the community.  On Christmas day, they have invited those from church who aren't going to be with family to bring left overs and join them at the guest house.
A typical week of ministry finds Mark and Serena serving every day. Sundays finds Mark teaching Sunday School to the adults at the Jehova Nissi church. He is teaching on how we need to have a Biblical worldview (it is part of the Discipling Nations Alliance ministry, an international movement). Tuesdays, finds Serena teaching the women's group at a different church. Wednesdays, Mark works with a men's group. Thursdays, Serena meets with a non-church group of women, and they are currently studying the book of James.  On Fridays there is prayer meeting or once a month they meet with 20-30 year olds for a time of fellowship and learning. (We are trying to prevent them from leaving the church, which seems to be the norm for this age group.) On Saturdays, they are responsible for three different theological ed. centers in the North: Saltillo, Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo. So, often, they are on the roads those days. The theological ed classes consists of the students studying for a given class for one month, then they come together for 8 hours with a teacher to further enhance their studies. We teach some of the classes but administrate all of them. 
Please pray that God would send volunteers to host this guest house when we go on our home ministry assignment next year. We also need strength and wisdom.


Daniel & Naomi Elliott
Evangelical Church Missions, Bolivia
Naomi finished 8 months of Language School on October 31st and delivered their third child, Joshua, on November 7th. They are so thankful for a healthy baby boy! About a month ago, Daniel began learning Quechua, which is one of the main indigenous languages here and is spoken more than Spanish in North Potosi where the Elliotts will be working. Speaking of North Potosi, they have had numerous meetings with their World Vision partners to plan out the Orphan Center and most recently picked its location! Their next step is to advertise and hire a company to do the demographics surgery and design the blue prints. It seems to be a slow process but that is how the culture tends to be and they trust that God has the time table all figured out! 
In the meantime, they are planning some more trips into the different communities in North Potosi next year to do some VBS/Five Day club events.  Learning culture and language and building cross cultural relationships has been a challenge but God has been faithful every step of the way. Their other two children, Sammy and Maerah have thrived there and are doing well.  Sammy especially loves to practice with anyone and everyone who will speak with him! They thank God that Bolivia is truly feeling like home. They have claimed the verse in Matthew 6:33 to focus on Kingdom things as they continue to adjust to life in Bolivia.  
rayer requests: 
1. They picked a location for the center but there were two other towns who really wanted the center to be built in their town and they are going to be told no. Please pray that they will accept the news with grace and there won't be hard feelings because of this decision.
2. Please pray that they will find a good company in a timely manner to do the survey and design. 
3 Please pray as they plan their VBS events and take their family to North Potosi. It’s a rough and rural place and again, high altitude. 
4 Being their first Christmas away from home, pray for the Elliotts as there is homesickness.
5 They started a friendship with one of their language teachers. Her name is Monica and she is Catholic but has no relationship with the Lord. Please pray for her as they look for opportunities to love on her and show Jesus to her.