April 2015 Missionaries

James & Jenny Wolheter
Evangelical Church Missions, Bolivia

James and Jenny’s ministry in Bolivia includes training of pastors, leadership development in local churches and supervisory activities.  One of the goals that the Evangelical Church Missions has in Bolivia is to get their church there to send missionaries instead of only receiving missionaries.  They have been partnering with a missionary training school that mainly works with Bolivian and Peruvian students.  Jenny went to Tacna, Peru on Tuesday, April 28 to help there for a week teaching and cooking as they finish up 8 weeks of intense classes before sending the students on a 4 month practicum.  James taught there for a week in March. 
James is serving as Superintendent of the field in Bolivia and just finished their yearly report to the Bolivian government. The government is requiring more and more information every year, so it's a relief and a praise to have it turned in. 
The Wolheters have 3 boys, Coy-12, Cy-10, and Cade-7.  Coy (6th grade) and Cy (4th) are in a private Christian bilingual (Spanish and English) Bolivian school and are enjoying it.  Jenny homeschools Cade in 1st grade. 
•    Pray for Jenny as she is in Peru. Pray for her time there with the students, especially the young women who many times seek counsel from her.
•    Pray for the boys in school and Cade and Jenny doing homeschool.
•    Pray for James as they look at options for their seminary in Cochabamba and for more students to study.  Pray for James as he counsels and encourages young pastors.