March 2015 Missionaries

Mark & Serena Dunbar
World Gospel Mission, Mexico
•    Mark and Serena are from Oregon and have served as missionaries for 23 years in Honduras before recently being called to serve in Mexico.
•    Mark specializes in director/administrator/field treasurer duties.
•    Serena’s gifts are in teaching, writing Sunday School materials, administration, counseling, and mentoring.
•    Prayer request:  God will bless the ministry in Mexico and in turn many will come to know Jesus.
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Kenneth & Delight Hopson
World Gospel Mission, Uganda
•    Kenneth and Delight are Venard College graduates
•    Kenneth is a printer for The Print Shop which creates the literature and reading material for Christian ministries in Uganda such as discipleship and Bible Study materials as well as helping remote tribes learn how to read their own language.
•    Delight works students at the Heritage International School Library and support ministries.
•    Prayer requests:  Continuing to reach out to individuals through printing literature for a variety of organizations in Uganda and neighboring countries.
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