December Missionaries

Bob & Lisa Margaron
World Gospel Mission, Stockton, California
Bob & Lisa Margaron run and operate The Center/Peniel Missions, Inc. in Stockton, California.  They work with kids at The Center and introduce them to Jesus Christ, giving them the information they need so they can make a choice to be different…laying a foundation of love, God’s Word, and tough boundaries.  They do this through Bible Club, recreation, crafts, snacks, Homework Club, camp and other programs.  While Lisa’s focus is on the day to day operation of The Center, Bob has been able to develop new outreach programs.
Bob is also in the position of being both a Stockton Police Chaplain and a Stockton Police School Resource Chaplain.  This allows Bob to work with the Stockton Police Officers and the students, staff and administration in the public schools in Stockton.  As a Police Chaplain, Bob does 10 hour ride-alongs, ready to serve each and every one of the needs they see both with the public and the fellow officers.  As a Stockton Police School Resource Chaplain, Bob has many other responsibilities.  Working with students, their families, staff and administration of the schools can be quite a challenge depending on what their needs are as well as facilitating school assemblies where kids hear a message of hope.
Pray for safety, given the challenging environment they serve in as well as Bob’s work with the force.  Pray also for Bob and their daughter Sarah as they have had some serious medical issues over the past year and ask for prayers for healing.  Finally, pray for the families that the Margarons work with at The Center, some of whom are second and even third generation kids of families that they have worked with over the years.  


Pamela Duhrkoop
One Mission Society - Hope 61 in South Korea
Pamela Duhrkoop will be working with Hope61 in South Korea, a ministry of OMS that brings hope and light to those who are trapped in human sex trafficking.  She is pleased to report that she is about 76% funded, but still needs about $800 per month in support.  
When Pamela arrives in South Korea, in addition to working with Hope61 ministry, she will also be able to teach English as a second language and do some preaching in the English services at an Evangelical Holiness Church in Seoul.  
In the meantime, Pamela continues to visit churches here in the States to raise awareness of the ministry and raise prayer and financial support.  She will be visiting some churches over the next couple of weeks before traveling to OMS’ headquarters in Greenwood, IN.  Once in Greenwood, Pamela will be leading Hope61 training January 21-23 followed by pre-field training January 26—February 13.
Pray for safety in traveling as Pamela travels to different churches in January before traveling to Indiana as well as additional opportunities to share with more churches/groups to raise awareness and support of her ministry.  Pray also for the training that will be happening in Greenwood from mid-January through mid-February.  Finally, pray that the final 24% of needed support will come in late January/early February as Pamela hopes to move to South Korea in March 2015.