October Missionaries

Brian & Paula Kushman
World Gospel Mission - Hispanic Ministries, USA

The Kushmans served as youth directors at Ligonier Evangelical Church in Indiana where they sensed a call to missions while in college and joined World Gospel Mission in September of 1997. They served two terms in Cochabamba, Bolivia, where we taught Bible and Theology at the seminary there.  During this time, Honduran pastors were immigrating to the United States and planting churches here in the U.S. They then asked if the mission would partner with them and requested a missionary to work with. So WGM invited the Kushmans to return to the U.S. and teach to prepare church leaders here in the U.S., and Hispanic Ministries USA was born in 2006.

Brian and Paula minister to churches in: Chicago, Boston, Atlantic City, Columbus, OH., Atlanta, La Grange and Columbus, GA., Louisville, KY. and in Virginia and there are outreaches in: Madison, WI., Indianapolis, IN.  Currently, Brian and Paula are involved in the education of the Hispanic church leaders to minister to these Hispanics.  At first, the teaching was done through a lot of traveling.  Now, students at multiple locations sign into a program called “Open Meeting” where students see and hear Power Point presentations.  Now Brian and Paula are starting a new series of classes with new students.

Prayer requests:·         
That God would call people into ministry.
For the Kushman Family.

For their son Wes in the military (just finished boot camp and heading to combat training before MP training). 
For Madison as she finishes High school and goes to Indiana Wesleyan University for nursing next year.


Steve & SueAnn Lloyd
Wesley International, France

Steve & SueAnn have been working in the Narbonne area of southern France since 1999 with Wesley International. The Narbonne church is a bilingual French church with services in French with English translation.  Steven serves as pastor of the church, and SueAnn plays the keyboard and prepares Sunday School. Together, they lead 2 Bible studies (one in French and one in English).

A few years ago Steven and SueAnn spent about a month teaching people in the church how to study the Bible for themselves. Now, Steven and SueAnn offer these people a Bible passage or a topic each week and they do their own study. When they get together, they collectively discuss what they have discovered in their personal study during the week.  Steven and SueAnn see God working in the lives of several people in the church. God has also given the Lloyds a ministry to people who come to the church for anywhere from a few weeks to a few years, to help prepare them for where God wants to send them next.

Prayer Requests:
Pray for God to help the Lloyds develop leaders in the church.
Pray that Christians in the Church will commit to membership and the importance of giving of themselves to help the church grow.
Pray that the Lord will continue to provide for their financial needs through giving to Wesley International, the partial salary from the church, and the rental of our guest house.
Pray for God to use Steve and SueAnn, and the people in the church, to be effective witnesses to the people around them.