December 2016 Missionaries

Mark & Serena Dunbar
World Gospel Mission, Mexico
Mark and Serena are involved in several areas of ministry in Mexico. God miraculously provided a guest house for the mission in Saltillo, and they use it to host various events for families within the church body and in the community.  On Christmas day, they have invited those from church who aren't going to be with family to bring left overs and join them at the guest house.
A typical week of ministry finds Mark and Serena serving every day. Sundays finds Mark teaching Sunday School to the adults at the Jehova Nissi church. He is teaching on how we need to have a Biblical worldview (it is part of the Discipling Nations Alliance ministry, an international movement). Tuesdays, finds Serena teaching the women's group at a different church. Wednesdays, Mark works with a men's group. Thursdays, Serena meets with a non-church group of women, and they are currently studying the book of James.  On Fridays there is prayer meeting or once a month they meet with 20-30 year olds for a time of fellowship and learning. (We are trying to prevent them from leaving the church, which seems to be the norm for this age group.) On Saturdays, they are responsible for three different theological ed. centers in the North: Saltillo, Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo. So, often, they are on the roads those days. The theological ed classes consists of the students studying for a given class for one month, then they come together for 8 hours with a teacher to further enhance their studies. We teach some of the classes but administrate all of them. 
Please pray that God would send volunteers to host this guest house when we go on our home ministry assignment next year. We also need strength and wisdom.


Daniel & Naomi Elliott
Evangelical Church Missions, Bolivia
Naomi finished 8 months of Language School on October 31st and delivered their third child, Joshua, on November 7th. They are so thankful for a healthy baby boy! About a month ago, Daniel began learning Quechua, which is one of the main indigenous languages here and is spoken more than Spanish in North Potosi where the Elliotts will be working. Speaking of North Potosi, they have had numerous meetings with their World Vision partners to plan out the Orphan Center and most recently picked its location! Their next step is to advertise and hire a company to do the demographics surgery and design the blue prints. It seems to be a slow process but that is how the culture tends to be and they trust that God has the time table all figured out! 
In the meantime, they are planning some more trips into the different communities in North Potosi next year to do some VBS/Five Day club events.  Learning culture and language and building cross cultural relationships has been a challenge but God has been faithful every step of the way. Their other two children, Sammy and Maerah have thrived there and are doing well.  Sammy especially loves to practice with anyone and everyone who will speak with him! They thank God that Bolivia is truly feeling like home. They have claimed the verse in Matthew 6:33 to focus on Kingdom things as they continue to adjust to life in Bolivia.  
rayer requests: 
1. They picked a location for the center but there were two other towns who really wanted the center to be built in their town and they are going to be told no. Please pray that they will accept the news with grace and there won't be hard feelings because of this decision.
2. Please pray that they will find a good company in a timely manner to do the survey and design. 
3 Please pray as they plan their VBS events and take their family to North Potosi. It’s a rough and rural place and again, high altitude. 
4 Being their first Christmas away from home, pray for the Elliotts as there is homesickness.
5 They started a friendship with one of their language teachers. Her name is Monica and she is Catholic but has no relationship with the Lord. Please pray for her as they look for opportunities to love on her and show Jesus to her. 

November 2016 Missionaries

Aaron & Cris Brakefield
Evangelical Church Missions, Brazil
Aaron and Cris serve with Evangelical Church Missions in Brazil, and they have three children, Nicolas, Jonas and Marcos.  There are some big changes coming in their ministry as their co-missionaries David & Isabel Warren are leaving the field and returning to the US in early December.  Also, their friend and co-worker Menezes has recently undergone brain surgery, and though he is recovering well, his speech is blurred as a side effect of the surgery.  This will affect his ability to help with teaching English.  Pray for energy and encouragement as the work continues with a smaller staff (and the goodbyes to be made).
The Brakefields were grateful to host a work team from Montana in August, and the visit of these four adults and ten teens were a source of joy and new friendships with the people in Cubatao.  Unfortunately, days after the work team left, there was another break-in at the Church and the joy was quickly deflated.  This is the third break in at the Vida em Cristo church in three months’ time.  Not only do these break-ins cost money to repair after, as well as the loss of valuables and food, it is discouraging for the Church body.  Pray for protection and for the break-ins to stop.
At their Annual Soup Night at the Church, they were able to host a great concert.  For the past several months, they’ve opened up the church to a Christian band that no longer had a place to practice.  Grateful for the church’s generosity, the band performed a concert at the Soup Night and Aaron gave a short but clear message of God’s love and offer for salvation.  About 100 people were in attendance, many of them visitors and not Christians.  Pray for these seeds to grow.  


Mark & Annie Duhrkoop
Return Ministries

Return Ministries is a non-profit ministry and their mission is to bring families back into relationship through counseling, mediation and training to help them regain the relationships God intends for them.  The ministry is supported by individual donations and grants.  Grants are a good portion of the ministry.  Mark has a grant under review at this time, so please pray for that to be approved and for God to provide the funding.  

Mark works with several families through mediation and counseling.  Please pray that God will help him be an instrument for peace for the many families he works with.

Monthly support is lacking to cover the ministry’s budget needs.  Please pray that God will bring people forward to give support.   

October 2016 Missionaries

Bob & Lisa Margaron
World Gospel Mission, The Center in Stockton CA
Bob & Lisa have been missionaries with World Gospel Mission to Stockton, California since 1994 (Lisa) and 1996 (Bob).  They both work in Childrens and Youth ministries at “The Center” in Stockton.  “Pastor Bob” is also a chaplain with the Stockton Police Department, and Lisa is the Program Director and Field Treasurer.  “The Center” is a tandem partner of Peniel Ministries, Inc. and WGM.  The Center’s mission is to keep children off the streets, out of gangs, away from drugs & alcohol by reaching out with the Love, Hope, and Peace of Jesus in a chaotic and violent world of inner city Stockton, CA.  
Please pray for:
•    The lives of the young people who need to be reached for Christ
•    Partners in the ministry who can provide services and resources with the ministry for the young people (meals, doctor visits, transportation, tutors, and a Christian mentor or friend who will love a child).


Rick & Lisa Kellum
Cru, Bridges in Seattle WA
Rick & Lisa Kellum have been missionaries with Campus Crusade for Christ for well over 30 years.  Their assignments have been in Dallas, TX, San Bernadino, CA, Portland, and for nearly 20 years in Rennes, France.  In 2013, the Kellums moved to Seattle and are working with international students and scholars through Crusade’s ministry called “Bridges”.
Please pray for:
•    Financial & prayer support for their ministry
•    Follow up from last night’s Scholar and Professional Dinner (Christian professionals host an evening meal for other professionals and scholars)
•    Praise for new doors that have opened through Everett Community College and the opportunity to reach more students


September 2016 Missionaries

Brian & Paula Kushman
WGM - Hispanic Ministries USA


Brian is continuing to teach theology and leadership classes. They had a graduating class this past summer, and are looking forward to a new group of students starting a new curriculum. It is wonderful to see new students and graduates getting exciting about ministry and being involved in their local churches and outreach programs.

How you can be praying:
-          Pray for the training of leaders that will further the growth of the Hispanic Church.
-          Pray for their family, that God would provide for all of their needs.
-          Pray for their pledge support.  There have been several people who had pledged to support them financially and are now unable to fulfill their pledges.  Pray that new support will be raised to meet their needs.




Brad & Kristy Weinert
WGM - Argentina

The Weinerts have been serving with WGM in Argentina since 1987, and are currently living in Cordoba.  Kristy is a full time live-in discipleship leader to ten female students.  Brad handles small maintenance projects for the residence.  He is also the field treasurer and the field’s legal representation, which requires him to be in Salta once a month (a 12 hour bus ride away from Cordoba).

How you can be praying:
-          Economic unrest.  Their gas bill for the past couple of months has been 400% higher than normal and is being handled now through the court system to see if they have to pay such a high rate.
-          Brad is recuperating from a corrective medical procedure.  No complications have arose, but the need to travel to Salta this month might be difficult.
-          Daniel Lujan, a friend of the Weinerts’.  Pray that he will get truly established spiritually, which will help in all aspects of his life.
-          Daniella, a gal who’s identification was stolen and used in some criminal activity.  She is waiting on her identification card to be returned to her.  
-          The Weinerts are looking for someone to take over the administrative part of the residency when they leave at the end of December.  Pray for peace for those who will miss them.

August 2016 Missionaries

Gary & Laura Griffin
WGM - Honduras

Gary & Laura have been serving at the school El Sembrador since 2014.  Gary has been the mechanic working on heavy equipment and teaches a general shop/mechanics class.  Laura works with the ladies group on campus making earrings to sell and learning basic accounting based on Biblical principles so those interested can start up their own businesses.  In addition to hosting work teams, they host guide a family group of ten 7th grade boys who meet weekly in their home to watch a movie, play games and have a snack.  Through this family group, they can learn where the kids are with Jesus, how they are doing in their school work, and what kinds of things they are struggling with so they can support them.

In December of 2016, the Griffins will return to the US for Homeland Ministry.  On their next return to Honduras, rather than working at Escuela El Sembrador, they will live in community with families to build relationships that will allow them to share the love of Jesus through actions.  They will work with local pastors to help strengthen families and share Jesus through mentoring and friendships.  Pray for this transition, that they will be a blessing where they visit and that God will move the hearts of his people to lend support.  Pray that a needed car will be available during the time in the US.  Finally, pray for them as they have three months to say goodbye to friends and loved ones in Honduras.  


Mike & Sharon Garrett
WGM - MMS Aviation

MMS Aviation is headquartered in Ohio, and their primary goal is to provide missionaries with an affordable, safe, and quality service and to train people to maintain and operate their aircraft so they can share Christ with a world in need.  Mike is actively involved in the hangar at MMS Monday through Friday.  Sharon is the care taker of the Stalter House for MMS.  This is a property that was donated to MMS that is used as a guest house for people who come to MMS for an extended visit.  Sharon works to send out the monthly newsletters as well as helping an MS family, caring for their three small children once a week.

Mike and Sharon alternate weekends with Mike's siblings caring for his mother who suffers with Alzheimer's, heart disease, diabetes and is on dialysis three days a week.  They are working to remodel a house they purchased a year ago and are actively involved in their church.  Keep these dear servants in your prayers as they serve with God's strength and as He leads.  

March 2016 Missionaries

Terry & Lori Blaisdell
The Blaisdells are ready to start on a new adventure after walking a five year journey to get to this point.  Your prayers are timely and needed for this dear family.  They have just received word that they have opportunity to go to Nairobi, Kenya for the next year on a short term assignment.  They will be working with Aim Air and Terry will be doing avionics on their small aircraft.  He has been out of the field for 8 years now and needs to get back at it to sharpen his skills.  After the year overseas, they will come back to the US for some training and then raise support so they can head back to Nairobi as full time staff.  
Lori’s goal is to get a teaching job at West Nairobi Christian school where their youngest daughter will be attending.  There are teaching positions available that Lori will be applying for soon.  Pray that she can pass a teaching test on April 1 and have time to study as she is teaching part time in Kindergarten music and PE and as an overflow teacher in Lake Stevens, WA.  Terry has been working as a wiring tech for a process controls company near Everett, WA.  
One of their sons lives with them and is attending Seattle Bible College in Everett, WA.  Their three oldest children are living in MN working or attending University of MN.  Please pray for provision, protection and communication.
Pray also for healing for Terry and their youngest daughter Chloe as they have had health problems and reactions to immunizations for the trip.  


Michael Banks
World Gospel Mission - Member Health
Michael Banks is a missionary working under the umbrella of Member Health for WGM.  This is a department focused on the spiritual and emotional health of the mission body.  They have pastors to missionaries and retirees, as well as a counselor on staff.  Michael’s role is that of pastor to WGM missionary kids.  They provide re-entry seminars called Renewal when the missionary families return to the states and also pre-field orientation.  He does field visits throughout the year to check in on the families.  Michael also visits MK college-age students each year and sends them Christmas care packages.  In the Summer, he hosts a retreat for any of the Jr. High and High School MKs in the States.
Currently, he’s preparing for upcoming travels and events, planning for speaking and logistics.  He is also accumulating a supply of graduate announcement and gifts for WGM current high school, college and graduate students.  
Pray for continued wisdom and discernment as Michael works with the MKs and their families. Upcoming Trips include April 4-8 MKCC Conference in Kansas for MK Caregivers; April/May grad gifts are sent; May 9-23 Albania field visit alongside Asbury university students; June 13-17 Wesleyan district youth camp; June 26-July 2 Mt. Hope Bible camp

February 2016 Missionaries

Krista Landaas
WGM, American Indian Field
Krista grew up in Oregon City, Oregon, in a loving Christian home as the oldest of three children. She gave her life to Jesus when she was 7 years old during VBS. Since that time, she has known without a shadow of a doubt that God was calling her to be a missionary. When she was 15 years old, she surrendered herself fully to God and the Holy Spirit during Multnomah Holiness Camp. God used that camp to show her that even though she was a child a God, she had not given her whole life and desires over to Him. God showed Krista that He wanted everything and not just the part she was willing to give. 
Krista attended Northwest Nazarene University and earned her degree in music education. There were times Krista had questioned whether or not it was God’s will to earn this degree because it didn’t get her any closer to the mission field.  However, throughout her years at NNW and teaching, God shown Krista that He had a wonderful plan in mind, even if it did take a longer route than she would have wished.  Krista has been an elementary music teacher in the public school system for the past five years. 
“God has shown me that He has placed in me a passion for the lost, hurting, and abused children of this world. Currently it is God’s will that I show His love, hope, and purpose to the children of the American Indian Field.” – Krista Landaas


Bryan & Molly Canny
Evangelical Church Missions, Bolivia
Bryan and Molly Canny are career missionaries with Evangelical Church Missions serving in Bolivia. Molly has three years of experience in Bolivia working in children’s ministry and teaching at the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center. Bryan and Molly were married in May of 2010 and are excited about how God will use them to serve Him. Bryan visited Bolivia in the Spring of 2010 and had a call to join Molly in the ministry there. 
Bryan and Molly work closely with the national Bolivian Evangelical Holiness Church with a focus on ministries to children and youth. In 2012 they led the way in opening the New Hope Tutoring Center where they continue to plan, recruit volunteers and direct the day-to-day operations.  The children come excited to receive help with their schoolwork, enjoy recreational activities, and learn about Jesus. Bryan and Molly are also involved with leadership development, community services and general support wherever needed.
Bryan is a member of The Evangelical Church in Oskaloosa, Iowa, and graduated from Vennard College with degrees in Pastoral Ministries and Bible. Molly is a member of the Moville Evangelical Church in Moville, Iowa, and graduated from Grace University with degrees in Elementary Education and Bible. Bryan and Molly have two children, Cecilia & Liliana.

January 2016 Missionaries

Kris & Kathy Russel
Wycliffe Bible Translators
The Russels have served with Wycliffe Bible Translators for the past 26 years and worked in Papua New Guinea until moving to the States in 2004.  While in Papua New Guinea, they worked in the area of print media where Kris was manager of the department and Kathy did the writing for some of the publications as well as editing. They feel blessed to have worked closely with the translators in the final stages of the New Testament publication.
After returning to the States, they were assigned as the Directors of Sourcing Events among other responsibilities.  They are responsible for leading a team to help design and facilitate a number of different sourcing events in an effort to raise up “Laborers of the Harvest” in the ministry of Bible translation with Wycliffe.  Kris and Kathy are always looking for opportunities to speak with kids….our missionaries of the future.
Pray for wisdom and insight for the leaders with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Pray also for people to respond to God’s Word as they receive it for the first time in their mother tongue language.  Finally, pray for safety in their travels, good health, and the Lord’s touch in everything they do. “Unless He builds the house we labor in vain”. 


David & Cathleen Strong
World Gospel Missions, Peru
David and Cathleen are in Cusco, Peru serving and pastoring at Agape Church. After two years of collective prayer, the church was able to move to a larger location last year.  They are praising the Lord for this answered prayer!
David & Cathleen have a strong focus on the youth at the church.  David opens the church doors every Friday night and hosts a ping pong club.
Instead of year-long homeland ministry assignments, they will be making shorter, more frequent trips to the USA.  Beginning this year in mid-January into February, the Strongs will be visiting Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  They are underfunded by $1,500 per month.  This is a big prayer need, and they are hoping you will join them in prayer  that the Lord will meet this need.
Another need is their concern for the many Peruvians who are anxious about the predictions of an “El Nino Phenomenon.”  Pray that they will seek the Lord with their fears and that they will see His hand of protection and peace.
Finally, pray for the youth of their church.  Some of them are making poor choices.  Pray that the Lord will protect them and draw them to Himself.  

December 2015 Missionaries

David & Izabel Warren
Evangelical Church Missions, Brazil
David & Izabel Warren serve in Brazil and have several ministries ongoing.  One is a soccer ministry that they have started at one of the local soccer fields.  After they play, David brings a devotional.  About half of the people who play do not have a church background, so pray for the seeds that are planted during their times together.  
They have seen a specific need for a social program helping less fortunate families in their city.  They continue to provide food, but feel led to provide in other ways as well.  Pray for clarity and direction as they seek to meet the needs of their community in tangible ways as a mission team and local church.  
The longest running ministry of the Evangelical Church Missions in Brazil has been teaching English classes in the Favelas.  David is currently using the Jesus films as a means to teach English, so they are definitely an opportunity for outreach.  Also, Amanda, the gal that assists David in teaching the classes, does not have a relationship with Christ, so it is as much about ministering to her as it is helping in a needy area.  Pray for direction and wisdom as they teach English.  
Finally, pray for the health of their family.  Levi, about 1yr, has had problems with bacteria in his lungs since birth and is currently battling an ear infection.  Pray for their daughter Samantha as well.  


Minda Kleman
World Gospel Missions, Honduras
Minda has been serving in Honduras for many years….for a many years with her husband Paul, and for the last 13 years since his passing.  She primarily works in a local church helping with pastoral visitation, discipleship and home Bible studies.  Since Paul’s passing, her ministry has focused more on single moms.  She ministers out of her own experiences being a single mom after being left to raise her two youngest children on her own.  Her kids are all grown and happily married.  Two of them married Hondurans and live close to Minda while her youngest lives in Indiana with his wife.  
Minda also serves as the chair on the board of directors at the Christian bi-lingual school that all three of her kids attended.  Her daughter, daughter-in-law and son all work there and three grandchildren attend.  This has been a year of transition with some new administration and personnel.  Please pray that the Lord will give wisdom as they do much needed strategic planning for the future.  Pray that God will use the lives of their staff to reach students and families for Him.  For the most part, the school is attended by self-sufficient families that struggle to understand that they need the Lord.  
Pray for two moms that Minda is starting a discipleship program, which that will require discipline on their part.  Pray also that they will stay committed and grow in their relationships with the Lord.  

November 2015 Missionaries

Steve & Debbie Cartwright
WGM – American Indian Field
Steve and Debbie have served for 17 years on the American Indian Field where Steve has been the assistant field director and director of leadership training ministries, while Debbie has directed evangelism and discipleship ministries. They also pastor a small church on the Gila River Reservation (Siloam Church), are involved in youth camp ministries and Victory Guitar Outreach.  Steve & Debbie are also facility directors of Southwest Indian Ministries Center.  
The Cartwrights are currently in Ohio trying to raise the final $700 in funding needed for ministry.  Pray for traveling mercies and for this needed support to be raised so that they can return to Arizona.
Pray also for their congregation at the Siloam Church which is currently without a pastor while they are away.  Pray also for the continuing children and youth camps ministry at Southwest Indian Ministries Center in Peoria, AZ.  Pray that God would provide additional workers while they are traveling, and especially that God would raise up new missionaries who feel called to camp ministries.  


Katy Flanagan
YWAM Seamill - Scotland
Katy has been in Scotland for a little over two months and God is blessing her socks off!  She is currently working with the Discipleship Training School (DTS), and is preparing for a new school that will start in February 2016.  Katy handles the registration and administration of folks planning and preparing to attend the school.  Pray for her as she serves and for more to sign up to attend this new session starting in February.
The 4 person team that Katy serves with at DTS goes out into the community on a weekly basis to connect with the community in a tangible way.  They have been working on relationship building and praying for people.  Pray for the people in the village of West Kilbride where YWAM Seamill is located and for the Lord to work through this outreach.  Katy is also involved in a once-a-month ministry for youth called Firestarters where they meet over a weekend to learn about evangelism, worship, the Bible, and grow in community with other believing youth from around Scotland.   Another ministry Katy is involved with is called Light and Life, which is focused on reaching out to spiritual seekers in Scotland through prayer and healing ministries.  Pray that God continues to use Katy and this ministry.
Finally, be praying for Katy as she is in Amsterdam from Nov 15-27 to do YWAM DTS training.  They will be using their second week in Amsterdam to go into communities and connect with people.  Pray that they would be in tune with how the Holy Spirit directs as they serve Him in Amsterdam.  


October 2015 Missionaries

Bart and Kimberly Maley
Wycliffe Associates
Director of Community Development

The Maleys live in Gladstone where Bart works out of his home.  Bart is a conduit for Wycliffe to work in communities around the globe to develop agricultural and water systems.  
Kimberly works as an Interpretive Ranger at Silver Falls State Park.  Though the job is seasonal, she hopes to find a permanent full time position in the Oregon State Park system.  The Maleys have three girls in college and appreciate your prayers for their continued success.   
The work that Wycliffe is doing through the efforts of community development allows them to develop relationships in communities  and meet needs for clean water.  These relationships also allow for opportunities to meet needs for Bible translation with indigenous language groups.  
The Lord has brought miracles of bridge building between church groups and communities through the development of water systems.  Continue to pray for more open doors to share the love of Christ and the translation of His Word.  


Pamela Duhrkoop
One Mission Society
HOPE61 Trainer – South Korea

HOPE61, inspired by Isaiah 61, is a ministry that seeks to prevent the spread and ultimately the issue of human trafficking. Pamela has been in South Korea since March of this year.  Pamela is working to build bridges to share about and bring awareness of this issue, which may be an ongoing and long process.  Pray for God to open doors to share about HOPE61 and to remove some of the language/cultural barriers that might block the progress of HOPE61 in South Korea.
Pamela has connected in ministry with local churches.  She leads an English worship service every Saturday and leads a children’s English ministry program at another church on Sundays.  She has started teaching an English conversation class on Saturday mornings and is hoping it will be a great springboard for building relationships.   
Pamela has just recently has completed six months of formal language school and has transitioned into self-study.  Pray for good Korean friends that Pamela can practice her Korean with.  




September 2015 Missionaries

Stephen & Barbara Duhrkoop
OMS - Japan
Stephen and Barbara are missionaries with OMS and the Christian Mission Church in Tokyo, Japan.  Among many roles, Stephen is the OMS Japan field leader, assists at the Christian Mission Church, and teaches high school at the Christian Academy in Tokyo.  Barbara works in the school business office and also assists with the Christian Mission Church.
Please pray for:
•    A good start to the fundraising for this year’ senior service trip to Thailand.
•    Our new partnership agreement with the Japan Holiness Church.  Meetings will begin in September.
•    Steve’s work with organizing and details for the upcoming Japan Holiness Church Coaching Seminar Nov. 9-11. 
•    Barb’s accounting work for the school and trying to find time to work on database programming. 
•    Overall lingering health concerns for Steve (back), Barb, and Barb’s father (praise his heart and inserted stent are working well).


David & Rachel Kerney
WGM - Bolivia
David and Rachel have been missionaries with WGM to Bolivia. David and Rachel have completed their 2-year term in Bolivia and are looking to start a year of homeland ministry in the US.  This summer, both David and Rachel arrived in Texas to be with David’s ailing parents in their last few weeks battling cancer.  Both of David’s parents did go on to be with Jesus this summer.
The Kerneys' daughter Leah finished high school in Bolivia in May and is now enrolled in college at Indiana Wesleyan University.
Please pray for:
•    Recovery from losing both parents to cancer
•    Leah’s adjustment and success at IWU
•    The start of the homeland ministry for David and Rachel

August 2015 Missionaries

Mark & Eszti Landerholm
WGM - Hungary
Mark is from Ohio, and Eszti is from Budapest.  God has brought the Landerholms through a year in the US raising support for their return to Hungary and having a baby boy.  They welcomed their sweet son, Samuel, in September 2014, knowing that he had severe congenital heart defects.  He has had two open heart surgeries before he was three months old, and will need a third one by the time he reaches his third birthday.  Samuel is a true champion. 
Pray for this dear family, that they will have continued progress in raising support for their return to Hungary.  Pray for health and vitality for Samuel.  Pray also that God will open doors to spread the Gospel in Hungary. 
Twitter : 

Sarah Larson
WGM - Hondruas
Many of you will remember that Sarah was able to visit us in April 2015.  God has laid serving as a Missionary to Honduras with World Gospel Mission on her heart.  She continues to meet with churches and groups to let people know about her ministry plans and to provide opportunity for them to partner with her in prayer and support.
When she returns to Honduras, Sarah will be teaching English, helping with work teams, and assisting with the sponsorship program that provides much of the needed funding for the Escuela El Sembrador school.
Prayer Requests: 
1.       For God to open up more doors for sharing her ministry with churches and groups in hopes of securing more support, especially this Fall.  Please pray that her calendar gets filled up!
2.      For God to continue to equip Sarah as she waits on His timing.
Sarah has a departure date for Honduras set for October 13!
  Pray for all that needs to be done before she leaves and for a smooth transition to language school and the adjustment to life in Honduras.  

July 2015 Missionaries

Dan & Katy Beth Searls
WGM - Hungary
Pray for Dan & Katy Beth as they serve the Lord and raise their family.  Pray for transitions for their twins starting college in two different states and all that that entails. Pray for encouragement and support that is needed and for the Lord to bless them in all they do for the Kingdom.


Nina Kunkle
WGM - Bolivia
Pray for Nina as she gives direction and leadership to the ministry in Bolivia.  Pray for health, safety and for God to provide all that is needed.  Pray for wisdom and blessings for this dear servant of Christ.

June 2015 Missionaries

Nathan and Amy Schmidt
WGM - Bolivia
The Schmidts continue to preach and teach in LaPaz, Bolivia.  During the last school year, Amy was able to teach a Bible class to 2nd graders in a public school.  The Bible Society gave Bible booklets on the life of Christ to the students.  Pray that these seeds will continue to grow.  Nathan, an ordained minister, teaches in a missionary training school.  Pray that God continues to use both Nathan and Amy to equip the young men and women that attend to be His witnesses.  
They have started “Seed Projects” where they have partnered with several churches to share the love of Jesus with those outside the four walls of the church…ministering in parks and neighborhoods.  They challenge us to think about how we can share Christ’s love in action in our neighborhoods as they do the same in Bolivia.
The Schmidts have three daughters, Susana, Abigail and Natalia.  Pray for their family as they serve and raise their children in Bolivia. 


Jeff & Christine Stanfield
WGM - Uganda
Jeff and Christine are in the United States for a season of Homeland Ministry.  Pray for their health and safety as they travel, especially in light of Jeff's recent heart valve replacement surgery.   Pray that God will open doors and hearts for them to raise funds and prayer support for returning to the field as God directs.  


April 2015 Missionaries

James & Jenny Wolheter
Evangelical Church Missions, Bolivia

James and Jenny’s ministry in Bolivia includes training of pastors, leadership development in local churches and supervisory activities.  One of the goals that the Evangelical Church Missions has in Bolivia is to get their church there to send missionaries instead of only receiving missionaries.  They have been partnering with a missionary training school that mainly works with Bolivian and Peruvian students.  Jenny went to Tacna, Peru on Tuesday, April 28 to help there for a week teaching and cooking as they finish up 8 weeks of intense classes before sending the students on a 4 month practicum.  James taught there for a week in March. 
James is serving as Superintendent of the field in Bolivia and just finished their yearly report to the Bolivian government. The government is requiring more and more information every year, so it's a relief and a praise to have it turned in. 
The Wolheters have 3 boys, Coy-12, Cy-10, and Cade-7.  Coy (6th grade) and Cy (4th) are in a private Christian bilingual (Spanish and English) Bolivian school and are enjoying it.  Jenny homeschools Cade in 1st grade. 
•    Pray for Jenny as she is in Peru. Pray for her time there with the students, especially the young women who many times seek counsel from her.
•    Pray for the boys in school and Cade and Jenny doing homeschool.
•    Pray for James as they look at options for their seminary in Cochabamba and for more students to study.  Pray for James as he counsels and encourages young pastors.